Justin MacLennan grew up in Inverness County. Growing up in rural Cape Breton, steeped in the cultural traditions of both the Highland Scots and the Acadian French, he learned at a young age the value of knowing where you come from and in the value of relationships. At age 14, he moved to Antigonish to pursue high school and University studies. In 2010 Justin attained an honours degree in Finance from St. Francis Xavier University. Almost immediately, he immersed himself in the financial services industry. Working within the credit union system immediately following his studies, he developed the community-focus that is now central to his work, and was named a Fellow of the Credit Union Institute of Canada.

In 2013, Justin began a career in the field of Automotive Financial Services, that he maintains to this day. He specializes in helping those with poor credit find financial relief, access reliable transportation, and rebuild credit. It was during his time as an automotive banker that Justin realized the equity in a home can provide the relief from financial distress that too many in the region suffer with on a daily basis.

A father of 5, Justin deeply values the family. The very reason he embarked on a new venture with Dominion Mortgage Centres is to serve the needs of local families in obtaining the financing necessary to provide a home–a key source of security for any family. Justin currently resides in the town of Antigonish with his wife Holly and his daughters Irelyn and Ruby, and sons Ezra, Jonah and Simon. He is deeply committed to a long-term relationship with the people he serves: the people of Inverness county and Antigonish county; his own people.